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Abby Rappoport, L.Ac., CMQ

A holistic medical practice located in the heart of Santa Barbara, California, offering a full range of Chinese medicine and therapeutic movement techniques.

Every treatment is focused on restoring and maintaining health, while supporting your body to prevent future illness.
Your path to optimal health starts here.
Every session is focused on restoring and maintaining health, while supporting your body to prevent future pain, discomfort, and illness.
Santa Barbara Acupuncture
Abby Rappoport, L.Ac., CMQ
  • pain management and movement rehabilitation

  • womens health

  • chronic symptom relief

  • pre-natal care and post-partum recovery

  • fertility (male + female)

  • seasonal wellness

  • anxiety, sleep, and stress management

  • preventative healthcare

Did you know that your acupuncturist can be your primary healthcare provider?


Although many patients seek out acupuncture and Chinese medicine to help with traumatic injury or to manage stress, the scope of the medicine is far more extensive-- and you do not need a prescription from an MD to make an appointment. While alopathic, or “western” medicine, often relies on methods and medications that have been in use for a few decades, traditional Chinese medicine has been used successfully throughout the world for over 2,000 years. From women’s health and fertility to the treatment of malaria, traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, is a comprehensive medical art that can strengthen and maintain a robust state of health.

Qi Gong therapy is offered in two forms: Movement Classes, and Medical Treatments. Both work to energetically restructure the body.




Qi Gong Movement and Meditation Classes

Classes consist of a specific series of simple movements which have been developed over thousands of years, to teach the individual skills to move the Qi in their own body. Classes are usually taught in a group format, and consist of 30-40 minutes of movement, followed by a guided breathing and meditation. While these classes are not a “weight bearing workout”, vigorous movement of Qi in the body creates a substantial amount of heat and emotional release. Expect to leave class feeling strong, grounded, and energized.

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  • acupuncture

  • medical qi gong

  • herbal medicine

  • somatic meridian therapy


  • pilates  

  • nutritional/lifestyle counseling

    • Pilates Reformer/Equipment Class: Semi-Private Session
    • MONDAYS*: 9:45a-10:45a

    • DeWild Pilates Studio, Santa Barbara


    • This core strengthening full-body workout takes place in small groups of 3 or 4. All types of Pilates equipment are used including the reformer, cadillac, and spine corrector. This is a supervised independent workout, so ample experience is necessary, If you are interested in joining the class, please e-mail Astrid Dewild, or call (805)564-3454


    • *Pre-Registration is required

    • What Does Medical Qi Gong Treat?

    • Medical Qi Gong therapy facilitates the release of suppressed energy and emotions that have become toxic to the body's tissues, leading to imbalance, pain, and disease. It is commonly used to promote general wellness, as well as treat a host of imbalances including (but certainly not limited to) chronic pain, physical injury, gynecological conditions, neurological disorders, depression, skin disorders, respiratory conditions, chronic fatigue, and much more.


  • Somatic Meridian Therapy is my life's work. This is the combination of all of my movement and medicine tools to work with my clients to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. 

Natural Herbs


Qi Gong therapy is the cultivation of Qi (life-force energy) within the body through movement exercises and passive energy work. Qi Gong is one of the four main branches of Chinese medicine, and has been used successfully in hospitals throughout China for hundreds of years.This healing modality is the energetic foundation upon which the other branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine are based.  Like nerves, bones, and blood vessels, the body also contains a series of energetic pathways called “meridians”. Qi, or “life force energy” flows freely through these meridians much like blood flows through our vessels. Disruptions in this smooth flow of Qi occur throughout our lifetime as a result of poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, improper exercise, emotional and physical trauma, and environmental toxins. Medical Qi Gong sessions correct these imbalances and blockages that lead to pain and/or illness. This work stimulates the body's healing potential and helps strengthen and regulate the internal organs, the nervous system and the immune system. Sessions consist of specific techniques that use the knowledge of the our meridians to purge, tonify (strengthen), and balance the body's energy flow. 



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