February 9, 2016



Castor oil packs are something that I regularly recommend to people for a variety of health issues.  Castor oil is derived from the Castor bean (Ricinus communis) and has a long medicinal history dating back to ancient Egypt.   Castor oil packs are wonderfully healing, and one of my favorite self-care practices.


The oil is anti-inflammatory for the skin, and as our skin is an organ capable of absorbing whatever we...

December 18, 2014


Whether it’s been a week or years, anyone who suffers from hemorrhoids will tell you they are not fun. For some they are itchy, others experience pain, bleeding and down-bearing sensations, and some people suffer from all of these symptoms. Chinese medicine has many great tools to help manage and heal hemorrhoids, beyond just the medicated pads and surgery that western docs recommend.


If you’re one of the millions who suffer...

October 12, 2014

After giving birth, there is a lot of healing that your body now needs to go through. I can't stress enough that your body will heal, no matter how fatigued things may feel.

One of the most important healing treatments that you can give yourself is a post partum sitz bath. After a vaginal delivery, I recommend taking a post partum sitz bath at least once a day, for at least 2 weeks. This is a soothing bath that is 1-2 inches de...

October 1, 2014

Having a new baby at home is so exciting, but when your baby has an unhappy tummy or has colic, life can get really stressful really fast!! Over the past few months I have had more questions about how to help a colicy baby than I can count. I want to be sure that my gripe water recipe is easy to access, so I'm putting this up on my blog.


First of all, what exactly is colic?

Colic is a general term used to describe any uncontrol...

August 23, 2014

OK... you've spent 9+ months growing this gorgeous baby (or two), but did you know you've also spent that time growing some of mother nature's most perfect medicine to help you recover after giving birth? Though it is routinely disarded as medical waste in our society, enapsulating your placenta and ingesting it in medicinal doses can completely change your post-partum experience. Every mamal on this planet (other than humans)...

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