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Reflections on the Lunar New Year ~ The Monkey is Here!!

Today I opened up social media and a bold meme was staring me in the face: “Every time you are able to find humor in a difficult situation, you win”. This platitude is incredibly fitting for the energy of this monkey year.

The Chinese zodiac is a rotating calendar cycling through 12 different animals, each bringing a different energy to that year. Every two years is associated with a different element (wood-fire-earth-metal-water), and every year alternates between yin and yang. I always enjoy learning a little bit about what type of energy each new animal is anticipated to bring to the following year, and reflecting upon how the previous year lined up to it's predictions.

On February 8, we said farewell to the yin wood sheep. A quiet animal whose energy allowed us time to pause, reflect, and find our footing. I am personally reflecting upon last year's energy of healing, mending, nurturing, and tending. Last year was a time for me to root my somatic meridian practice here in my new(ish) home in Santa Barbara. I literally tilled the soil in my gardens to establish a thriving herb garden in my home, and both began to establish strong friendships, as well as support long standing relationships with old friends. This past year I worked on nourishing a strong rooted foundation for my life. How did the sheep year treat you?

As we boldly step in to the year of the yang fire monkey, we can only hope our roots are strong enough to allow us to hold on tight for the wild ride. Monkeys are intelligent, gregarious, and clever, yet also incredibly mischievous and like to shake things up. The year of the monkey is a time to create change, and innovate a new path. Even the most ambitious plans can succeed in a monkey year, and it’s fine to just make it up as you go along.

However, approaching life with a short temper or arrogance during this year will set you in a tail spin. It is recommended that you approach this year with caution and an open mind. You can benefit much more from observing the chaos and confusion that can be brought on in a monkey year, rather than getting swept up in it, thus allowing the chaos to uproot your qi.

Does any of this resonate with you? Can you notice any correlation between the monkey and the current state of politics in our country? What about in your personal life?

(Personally, I have sat down on 3 separate occasions to write this blog post, and every time I do, it either gets erased, or somehow lost. Silly monkey playing silly tricks.)

So I encourage you to find the humor, discover the light side, stay open minded, and try not to be sucked in to the crazy monkey energy that is jumping all around us. Monkey years can bring us quite a show, so sit back and enjoy!!

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