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Introductory Office Visit


Your first treatment will consist of a full intake, including medical history, traditional tongue & pulse diagnosis, and an acupuncture treatment. Other services and modalities of Chinese medicine may be included in any treatment, depending on your diagnosis and treatment plan. A full herbal consultation is also included in this treatment, and herbs may be prescribed if appropriate. Introductory office visits usually last about 1.5 hrs.


Standard Office Visit


This complete acupuncture treatment includes a full intake, herbal consultation, and an acupuncture treatment that may include any number of techniques, depending on your personal diagnosis and treatment plan. Standard office visits usually last 60 min.


Movement Sessions
Private sessions on the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®  and the Pilates Method

Movement is a powerful form of medicine that can be explored in this 55 minute session.

With an emphasis on mobility, coordination, range of motion, and strength, discover a stronger and more connected way of being. 


3 Session Introcuctory Package



Combination Acupuncture and GYROTONIC® or Pilates Session (1.5 hours)



Single Session



Package of 5 sessions



Package of 10 sessions


Post-Partum Care

If you are recovering from your birth, I can help! Sessions can happen either at my office, or in your home. Whether you are suffering from hemorrhoids, lactation/supply issues, abnormal gait/movement patterns, post partum depression, prolapse, sexual frustration, fatigue, pelvic pain, diastasis, weakened/fatigues pelvic floor muscles, or general discomfort, you can feel better quickly. You don't have to suffer any longer!!


Frequent Wellness Visit

Often times colds, flus, acute injury, and other acute conditions require more frequent visits (2-3 times/week). This follow-up treatment includes acupuncture and an herbal re-evaluation to get you back to your normal vibrant self. Wellness visits usually last 45 min.


Herbal Consultation

With a diagnosis established by a full intake including medical history, and traditional tongue and pulse diagnosis, a custom herbal formula will be created specifically for you. Herbal medicine can be taken as pills, powdered teas, or traditional raw-herb teas, depending on your constitution and personal needs.


Corporate Wellness/ Community Acupuncture


Receive acupuncture right in your office! Taking place in a quiet group setting, each treatment begins with a comprehensive private consultation, followed by a complete acupuncture session. Herbal and movement prescriptions are available in these  sessions as well.

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Placenta Encapsulation


The greatest post-partum medicine mother nature has to offer, the encapsulation process takes about two days, and will provide you with enough pills to last for weeks or even months. Your placenta will be prepared with a post-partum herbal blend that is formulated specifically for you.








IVF Clinic Treatment


If you have scheduled IVF, you can increase the efficacy of your treatment by receiving acupuncture. Abby holds privledges at both IVF clinics in Santa Barbara, and will meet you tableside to treat you both before and after fetilization.








*Price of Herbs Not Included




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