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Health Supported by Mother Nature
Herbal medicine draws upon hundreds of botanicals to tailor powerful remedies for each individual’s specific condition. For thousands of years the knowledge of using plants and animal products to sustain health and wellness has been refined to create a powerful, complex, and effective system of medicine used today in traditional medicine clinics throughout the world. The dose of each herb is carefully considered based on the person’s body weight, state of energy (“Qi”) and the strength of their imbalance. Herbs commonly come in the form of teas, powders, pills, tinctures, external plasters and even soup broths.
What to Expect
Every consultation is tailored to the specific needs of each of my clients. When you come in for an herbal consultation, we will sit down together and go over your comprehensive health history. Using traditional Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis techniques, I will combine all of this information to create your comprehensive herbal recommendations. 
Herbs vs Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceuticals and herbs work in very different ways. When you take a pharmaceutical drug, you are treating one specific symptom.  The health of your entire body and constitution is not taken into consideration with this form of treatment, thus why we often see people falling into the trap of needing one drug to counteract the "side effects" of another drug. This is not how herbal remedies work. As an herbalist, I don't treat disease, I work on improving the body's overall condition, working from the root of the issue, so that the symptoms go away, rather than simply masking them. 
Quality Product
The quality of herbs available on today’s market can vary extremely. I strive to offer only the highest quality herbs. Whenever possible, I use organic, sustainable, and locally sourced herbs to ensure the quality, cleanliness, and potency of the medicine. I have a comprehensive apothecary containing hundreds of herbs that can be taken as teas, tinctures, or pills. Everything in my apothecary has been batch tested, and I won't sell anything that comes back with pesticide or heavy metal residues. 
Quality Care
While many health food stores offer a small selection of herbal formulas and remedies, only a clinical herbalist can provide you with an accurate diagnosis to ensure you are taking the right medicine for your specific constitution and condition. Herbal medicine draws upon hundreds of traditional botanicals to tailor prescriptions for individual’s specific condition. There is no general formula that is good for everyone, even if their symptoms seem to be presenting the same way. You are an individual who needs specific care for effective results!
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