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Abby Rappoport, Bainbridge Island


If there are specific workshops you would like to see offered this year, or if you are interested in hosting a private workshop please reach out

                   THE HEALING KITCHEN: Nourishing Herbal Drinks

                    a workshop through the Kitchen Arts Dept. at BARN, Bainbridge Island

                            Monday, MARCH 25, 2024

Clinical herbalist Abby Rappoport and local food writer Anne Willhoit team up to guide you through the process of a variety of herbal preparations you can make at home. They’ll also answer questions you didn't know you had, and bring some kitchen wisdom to your recipe box. You'll make an herbal berry shrub, an elderberry elixir, and a medicinal herbal infusion to take home and enjoy. A light snack and hot drink will be shared by the group during Q&A.

Herbs and Condiment
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                           MEDICINAL PLANT WALK


                           Saturday, MAY 13, 2023

Curious about the medicinal uses for the plants growing here on the Island? Ever wonder how you can use the "weeds" in your garden for your family's health? Interested in learning more about the native plants growing in your own backyard? Join Abby Rappoport, clinical herbalist, and professional member of the American Herbalist Guild, on a fun walk through the Grand Forest where we will take a deeper look at some of the flora on the Island. We'll discuss how many of these plants can be used as effective medicines for the whole family while enjoying the beauty of the forest!

                  WINTER: honoring the season of wisdom

                            HAKOMI + QI GONG + SOMATIC MERIDIAN THERAPY

                            Saturday, Jan 30, 2021

Every season of the year stirs up the Qi (energy/life force) in different aspects of our healing. Within Five Element Theory, winter is the season of both wisdom and fear. We invite you to join Hakomi therapist Jendi Watson, and Medical Qi Gong and Somatic Meridian practitioner Abby Rappoport as we deep dive into the seasonal offerings of winter. There will be movement to strengthen and nourish  our bodies, and there will be Hakomi therapeutic work to leave you with tools to work through this seasonal vulnerability and nourish your deep inner wisdom.


                   GARDEN HERBS: Cold & Flu

                            A WORKSHOP FOR THE HERB-CURIOUS

                            Saturday November 7, 2020

Herbal medicine is such an incredibly effective ally to help keep our families healthy during cold and flu season. Back by popular demand, I am offering this workshop to help folks understand how to identify specific symptoms, and how to treat them herbally. We will learn about some of the easiest and most effective home herbal remedies that you can grow, make, and buy.  One more step in filling up your in-home herbal medicine cabinet. 




                   WOMB: a soul body retreat

                            HAKOMI + QI GONG + SOMATIC MERIDIAN THERAPY



I invite all who have EVER given birth to join Jendi Watson and I for a 6-week series blending of Qi Gong, Hakomi, and Somatic Meridian Therapy to tune in to your “post partum body”.

How do we heal? How long does it take to heal? Months? Years?

Having a baby takes a huge toll on your being. Join us as we dive into the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing needed to feel whole and supported after giving so much of ourselves to another life. This course is designed to help you restructure your body awareness and physically re-learn how to use your body from a place of deep core connection. This includes tools and exercises to help you heal incontinence, a yielding abdominal wall, a new poof and general disconnect with your body while also learning how to relieve critical feelings or emotional disconnections such as anxiety, depression or even bouts of rage.

Whether you are 6 months or 15 years postpartum, join us as we reconnect with our womb and ourselves. We invite you to immerse yourself in this journey, explore who you are as a mother and gather in community to celebrate this beautiful gift of the mother line.


                   AUTUMN: honoring the season of grief

                            HAKOMI + QI GONG + SOMATIC MERIDIAN THERAPY

                           September 26, 2020


Every season of the year stirs up the Qi (energy/life force) in different aspects of our healing. Within the Daoist Five Element Theory, autumn is the season of grief. We invite you to join Hakomi therapist Jendi Watson, and Medical Qi Gong and Somatic Meridian practitioner Abby Rappoport as we deep dive into the emotional seasonal offerings of autumn. There will be movement to strengthen and nourish this seasonal vulnerability in our bodies, and there will be deep Hakomi therapeutic work to leave you with tools to work through your own grief.





an hour to focus on healing


Sat, September 2020

An hour-long class to focus on breathing, moving, and healing as we navigate the  smokey skies.





December 8, 2020


Herbal medicine can be a powerful tool in your medicine cabinet.  In this workshop we will learn about the benefits of calendula, a common flower that grows easily in almost any garden. We will then learn how to extract its medicinal constituents in several ways,  and create a topical salve that can be useful for a huge variety of skin issues, and safe for the whole family. You will go home with a jar of salve for yourself, and all sorts of fun new knowledge about using herbs at home!




Sponsored by HERBFOLK  and Terra Firma Farms

Sept 22, 2019


This workshop will draw upon traditional wisdom and current trends for staying healthy with the seasons. Abby Rappoport will lead a class on the energetics of Autumn through the lens of Eastern medicine. We will explore how to boost the immune system and the Lungs during the Autumn months with herbs, traditional cold/flu remedies, self care, and intention.  Then we’ll walk the herb gardens at Tara Firma Farms to learn about seasonal herbs that grow in abundance in our region. There will be an herbal honey demo, medical mushroom soup tasting and traditional remedies workshop. Everyone will take home a seasonal herbal tea blend.




This unique workshop is like pressing the "re-set button" for your movement patterns. Elements from pilates, qi gong, gyrotonic, dance, meditation, and ordinary life come together to help you move more easily through space. Skills learned in this course can be easily applied to your current movement or teaching practice, and well as enhance work with clients, as well as yourself. The course is designed for all levels of movers from novice to professional.


Part 1: Core Connections 

There is so much buzz about “core strength” and “working from your center”, but what does this actually mean? A strong core is so much more than just having strong abs. True core strength will emanate through your entire body, allowing you to easily re-train old movement habits to rid the body of chronic pain, increase your overall energy, health, flexibility, and well-being.


Part 2: Spinal Connections

The spine is much more than vertebrae and some nerves. There are countless tiny muscles surrounded by nerves and fascial sheaths, that all must work in harmony with each other.  Deepen your understanding of how the spine moves and how it connects to the rest of the body, in order to decrease pain and increase health through proper movement patterns and alignment.


Part 3: Breath Connections

While we do it automatically all day long, breathing is often the missing link to heal the body, and overcome both physical and energetic blocks. Learn to breath in conjunction to movement patterns to improve you health, energy flexibility, stamina, and well-being.

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