Placenta Encapsulation

Your placenta is truly mother nature's greatest post-natal medicine.



What Does Placenta Medicine Treat?


It is highly effective in helping to treat:


  • post partum depression and baby blues

  • low iron levels

  • lactation insufficiency

  • uterine contactions/returning to it's original size

  • fatigue

  • hormone imbalance

  • low immunity

  • post natal bleeding

  • anxiety

Why Is Placenta Medicine So Effective?


Your placenta holds on to valuable nurtients and hormones that your body produced during your pregnancy. Ingesting it is the most natural and effective way for your body to replenish its resources. Some of these nutrients include:


gammaglobulin: protects the body against infection and boosts immune system

Vitamin B6: fights depression/balances hormones

Prolactin: Promotes lactation

Gonadotropin: restores estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone to normal levels

Oxytocin: promotes healthy bonding and supports breast feeding

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone: increase energy/decrease stress

Cortisone: increase energy/decrease stress

Interferon: stimulates the immune system

Prostoglandins: antiinflammatory/helps uterus return to it's normal size

Hemoglobin: increase iron levels

Urokinase IF: stops post partum bleeding/supports wound healing

What Type of Placenta Medicine Preparation Services Do You Offer?


Abby offers encapsulation services using the traditional Chinese medicine preparation method. Your placenta will be cooked along with select herbs that fit your individual constitution, dehydrated, and made into easy to swallow capsules. Depending on the size of your placenta, you will receive anywhere between 5-150 pills.

The pills are odorless and tasteless. Abby will provode you specific instructions on how to take your pills, as well as suggestions for other herbs and supplements that will benefit you the most in your post-partum journey.


If you are interested encapsulation services, or just learning more, please contact Abby directly.



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