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AUTUMN: honoring the season of grief




Saturday 9/26/20 

3-6pm (PST)


Live Online via Zoom


$125 (early bird)

$160 (after Sept. 20, 2020)

Every season of the year stirs up the Qi (energy/life force) in different aspects of our healing. Within the Daoist Five Element Theory, autumn is the season of grief. We invite you to join Hakomi therapist Jendi Watson, and Medical Qi Gong and Somatic Meridian practitioner Abby Rappoport as we deep dive into the emotional seasonal offerings of autumn. There will be movement to strengthen and nourish this seasonal vulnerability in our bodies, and there will be deep Hakomi therapeutic work to leave you with tools to work through your own grief.


Scholarships available

have questions?  contact Abby.

Moving from Center:

Retrain your body’s chronic movement patterns to decrease

pain and increase overall health and well being from the

inside out.


Part 1: Core Connections                                  

Part 2: Spinal Connections

Part 3: Breath Connections

2 CEUs per course, (L.Ac. in CA; pending)


$90 per 2 hr. class

$140 entire series


This unique workshop is like pressing the "re-set button" for your movement patterns. Elements from pilates, qi gong, gyrotonic, dance, meditation, and ordinary life come together to help you move more easily through space. Skills learned in this course can be easily applied to your current movement or teaching practice, and well as enhance work with clients, as well as yourself. The course is designed for all levels of movers from novice to professional.


Part 1: Core Connections 

There is so much buzz about “core strength” and “working from your center”, but what does this actually mean? A strong core is so much more than just having strong abs. True core strength will emanate through your entire body, allowing you to easily re-train old movement habits to rid the body of chronic pain, increase your overall energy, health, flexibility, and well-being.


Part 2: Spinal Connections

The spine is much more than vertebrae and some nerves. There are countless tiny muscles surrounded by nerves and fascial sheaths, that all must work in harmony with eachother.  Deepen your inderstanding of how the spine moves and how it connects to the rest of the body, in order to decrease pain and increase health through proper movement patterns and alignment.


Part 3: Breath Connections

While we do it automatically all day long, breathing is often the missing link to heal the body, and overcome both physical and energetic blocks. Learn to breath in conjunction to movement patterns to improve you health, energy flexibility, stamina, and well-being.


Somatic Meridian Therapy for the Womb:
Post-Partum Recovery and Women's Health

(Date TBD)


The womb is a sacred space in the body that requires specific nurturing and nourishment.  While the main focus of this course is on post-partum recovery of the womb, this work is completely applicable to women of all ages from childbearing age to post-menopausal.


Through both physical and energetic movement, this course will go in-depth in learning to access the muscles and meridians that contain the womb and pelvic floor. Students will learn to access the body from the inside out. They will learn specific exercises, breathing techniques, and meditations to access, strengthen, and heal the womb.


Specific ailments that will be addressed include pelvic floor rehabilitation (far beyond just "the kegel muscle"), post-partum diastasis, lower abdominal insufficiency, and urinary incontinence.

Previous Workshops & Lectures

If you are interested in hosting a  workshop or lecture, or attended a previous event and are looking for a copy of the handouts, please contact Abby Rappoport.

In-Home Herbalist

This workshop provides simple and effective home remedies to common ailments and conditions. We explore stocking an "herbal first aid kit", as well as treating common ailments right out of your own kitchen!

Medicine Makers Workshop

Lean how to make (and effectively use) your own herbal medicine! In this three-part series, you will gain working knowlege of some of the most common and useful herbs, as well as learn how to make your own effective medicinal tinctures, make and effectively use moxibustion,  and prepare and use herbs topically with linaments, salves, and soaks.

Making Moxibustion: Traditional Warming Therapy

Moxibustion (also called "moxa") is a profound ancient healing modality. This warming technique involves burning the herb "mugwort" that has been specially prepared, over specific parts of the body. (The skin is not burned at all in this process, rather, the medicine comes from the heat of the mugwort smoke) Students will gain the knowledge of when, where, and how to apply this powerful medicine. In the second half of the class, we will be  making our own moxa sticks to take home

Introduction to Chinese Medicine

This workshop is designed for patients and students interested in a deeper understanding of how Chinese medicine works. We explore the basics of chinese medicine including: the concept of qi and how it moves through the meridians in the body, and how the organs of the body are related to each other and to the body’s overall health.

Chinese Medicine and Self Healing

This workshop gives students a deeper understanding of how Chinese medicine works, and helps students develop their own self-healing routine. Students acquire a general understanding of Chinese medicine principles, and then apply this knowledge to Qi Gong principles. This allows students to not just learn a Qi gong routine, but understand individual exercises to modify and personalize their healing movement practice.

The Truth About Cholesterol

This one hour lecture goes into detail about what cholesterol is, what the body does with it, and how you can manage your cholesterol from a natural approach.



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