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Your path to feeling whole starts here.


I'm Abby Rappoport, a somatic meridian therapist and professional clinical herbalist.  I hold a masters degree in Chinese medicine, and have nearly 20 years of experience teaching therapeutic movement including pilates, GYROTONIC® method, and medical qigong.  You can work with me privately and in group classes. I am dedicated to helping my clients strengthen their understanding of their bodies, how they can heal, and how they can thrive. I hope to be able to help you start feeling better soon!

Abby Rappoport, Bainbridge Island Pilates and Gyrotonic


“I am ever grateful to Abby for teaching me how to stand tall! I'm really "in my body" in a whole new way, in less pain, and more grounded. It is awesome to work on such an individual level - even helping me to look at how I hold my body when I work to avoid neck and low back stresses that I've had for years. I love the private instruction for the deep understanding I gain about my body each time I go. The hour is over before I know it!”



—  NB, San Francisco, CA

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