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Real Food for Real Life

With so many different ideas of what is “healthy”, it can be challenging to know what we really need to do to take care of ourselves. From supplements to trendy diets, most of us are just looking for an easy way to stay healthy and both look and feel good in our bodies. All too often we neglect the easiest tool we have to maintain health- and that’s through good nutrition. The diet I recommend to my patients is what I call “real foods”. This is actually a very simple way of eating through the incorporation of healthy fats and fresh ingredients into your daily life. What I tell all of my patients, is that the key to good nutrition is in these 3 easy tips:

1. whole ingredients such as meats and produce, rather than pre-made meals.

2. Know your ingredients. If you can’t pronounce it or it sounds like it was made in a lab, you should probably avoid it.

3. Don’t beat yourself up over your indulgences every once in a while. A little chocolate once a week is good food for your soul!It’s really important to enjoy the food that you are eating.

If you’re interested in learning more about eating what’s fresh and healthy from Chinese medicine perspective, check out Nishanga Bliss, LAc’s book “Real Food All Year”. There are some great tips and recipes to enjoy fresh and wholesome meals all year long.

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