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Seasonal Newsletter: Winter

I have been waking up to frosty mornings.

My son keeps asking me when it will snow!

My garden is mostly asleep, and my fireplace is crackling nightly.

As the natural world around us settles into hibernation, isolation and introspection are common themes running through many of our lives. In the winter, we see many plants disappear. Rather than putting energy into ostentation, their qi (life-force energy) goes far into their roots. They are nourished from deep within themselves so that they can be set up for success throughout the rest of the year.

So I ask you, what are you doing to take care of yourself? How are you nurturing your body, mind, and even spirit?

According to Chinese Medicine and 5-element theory, every season of the year is associated with different emotions and healing systems in the body. Winter is connected with the kidneys, the organ that stores our energetic essence and nourishes our bodies. We are encouraged to follow the lead of this season by slowing down in order to nourish ourselves deeply-- both by eating warm and hearty meals, and practicing slow and mindful movements help to fortify our qi. Healing and change do not come swiftly in the winter, but they can be potent.

Winter also encourages emotional healing surrounding fear and wisdom. This is the time of year when we can honor ourselves by supporting our bodies to unwind and let go of our fear, while releasing traumas we are holding in our bodies in ways that do not serve us. This then creates space for our deep wisdom and innate knowing to flourish. It is a beautiful synchronicity that may affect our physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being.

With all of this in mind, beyond my regular weekly movement classes, I have a few workshops coming up to create space where we can really deep dive into some very needed self-care and healing as we enter into the winter season.

I wish you a happy and healthy new year, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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