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Home Remedy for a lingering cough

Ever suffered from a lingering cough after you've recovered from a bad cold, that just won't seem to go away? I recently learned about an amazing home remedy for a deep seeded cough that works wonders, and I had to share it!

Post-flu lingering cough can be exhausting. Your body uses a lot of Qi to heal from a bad cold or flu, and when the cough doesnt go away, it's hard to regain your energy. In my office, I will often use cupping and acupuncture to clear a lingering cough, but if you can't make it in, I have found that using an onion poultice once or twice a day for a day or two can clear your lungs really quickly. Here's how I make it:

1. chop up an onion

2. steam the onion for 3-5 minutes

3. mix the onions with about a tablespoon of organic apple cider vineguar

3. wrap the steamed onions in a cheese cloth or a thin dish towel

4. place the hot pultice on your chest or upper back (whichever feels more congested to you)

5. relax with the hot poultice for 20-30 minutes

*you can always put a warm hot water bottle on top of the poultice to keep it warmer for longer.

You can also add some garlic to the reipe if you'd like an increased anti biotic effect.

Also, be aware that the liquid from the pultice may stain white clothing.

This recepe was passed down from one of America's greatest modern herbalists, Michael Tierra. You can check out his original blog post here.

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