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Healing Herbal Eye Wash

With a kiddo just starting pre-school this month, germs have been coming through my house constantly. I’ve noticed a funny flu hanging around this winter that includes eye irritation. For some there may be slight yellowish discharge, and for others, it manifests as just incredibly itchy and red eyes. So before you jump to harsh treatments and possibly unnecessary anti-biotic eye drops, there is a simple natural remedy that works very well!

This herbal eye wash can be used for any eye irritation from seasonal allergies to early onset of pink eye. The chamomile addresses the redness, while the honey's anti-biotic propeties fights off infection

In a tea cup, prepare a strong cup of organic chamomile tea

Dissolve 2-3 tablespoons of organic honey

Once the tea has cooled, drop 2-4 drops into the eye. For more serious issues, apply every 3 hours, and continue for 2-3 days once the infection appears to be cleared.

*helpful hint: for small kids, place the drops on their closed eye, and have them open their eye once the drops are on their eyelid. Wipe excess with a CLEAN dry cloth.

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