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Getting Results with Acupuncture

Most people that choose to try acupuncture are looking for an alternative to the treatment available to them through their western doctors. Whether their issues are chronic (long standing) or acute (a more recent injury or issue) acupuncture can help! But before jumping in to treatment, it’s important to understand a few fundamentals of the medicine.

Growing up in this western world, our expectations from our doctors tend to be that we have a symptom, we then go to the doctor and get some medication, and after a day or two, our symptom goes away. However, when you treat medical issues one symptom at a time, you never actually fully address the problem.

So here is how acupuncture is different. Acupuncturists view the body as a whole living system. When you experience negative symptoms, these symptoms are like the leaves on a tree turning yellow or curling. You wouldn’t just treat the leaves of the tree; rather, you would look at the tree as a whole to fix the issue. Does it need more water? Is it lacking in a specific nutrient? Is the soil too rich?

There are many reasons that your body may be manifesting your symptoms; acupuncture gets to the root of the problem, and in doing so, strengthens your body to help avoid future symptoms from arising.

If you are coming in with acute issues, acupuncture often works quickly to alleviate pain and discomfort. However, especially with more chronic concerns, to get lasting results takes commitment on your part. Some people notice an immediate change after their very first treatment but this is not necessarily typical. Often, especially with chronic or severe problems, it takes several acupuncture sessions before we see any results. Acupuncture is kind of like eating right or exercising – you don’t do it just once and expect a lasting change.

As an acupuncturist, I am not healing my patients, rather, I am facilitating my patients in healing themselves. There are always multiple pathways to achieve your desired results and I work with my patients to find the right balance of herbs, acupuncture, and lifestyle changes that will work for them. Just remember, with patience and dedication, you will see your body and overall health recover and thrive.

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