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Abby's Interview With FREE + NATIVE JOURNAL

I was recently interviewed by the Free & Native Journal about Chinese medicine, herbalism, and holistic living. Check out the full interview here. Here’s a short excerpt from the article:

This summer, during our trip up north, I had the privilege of visiting and meeting one of my guy’s dearest friends from college at her home that rests on an apple orchard in Los Gatos, CA. Between her incredibly endearing husband, Benji, their amazing dog, and pending magical addition to the world, I stayed inspired during our whole visit. Her strength combined with her knowledge of integrative medicine and lifestyle kept me asking for more information on all things Abby, acupuncture, herbs, and pregnancy. I’d love to share her plethora of information—meet Abby Rappoport.

How would you explain acupuncture and herbal treatment to someone looking to try this method of healing?

Chinese Medicine, which encompasses acupuncture and herbal medicine, as well as Qi Gong (movement healing) and dietary therapy, is all about creating balance in the body. Rather than the western approach to healing where the practitioner focuses in on one specific ailment or symptom and treats that. In Chinese Medicine we view the body as a complete ecosystem. If there is too much or not enough of any one element, it throws the entire system off kilter—thus creating disharmony and disease. So, through acupuncture, herbs, diet, and Qi Gong, we are able to create harmony within the body, and not only expel any disease that may be presenting itself, but prevent future illness from developing. It is effective as both an active and preventative medicine.

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