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Hemorrhoids: Instant Relief and Long Term Care

Whether it’s been a week or years, anyone who suffers from hemorrhoids will tell you they are not fun. For some they are itchy, others experience pain, bleeding and down-bearing sensations, and some people suffer from all of these symptoms. Chinese medicine has many great tools to help manage and heal hemorrhoids, beyond just the medicated pads and surgery that western docs recommend.

If you’re one of the millions who suffer from chronic hemorrhoids, have you ever paid attention to when they are most severe? Is it times when you are stressed out, working too hard, over exercising, or about to get your period? From a Chinese medical point of view, these events often deplete to Qi of the spleen. Deficient spleen Qi can cause you to have a low appetite, or low energy, in addition to the occurance of hemorrhoids. When you start to experience these symptoms, it’s like your body telling you its battery is on low and needs a re-charge. Chinese medicine can help!

For long-term care and healing, I always recommend a balance of a nourishing diet, acupuncture, and regular doses of herbs tailored specifically to fit your constitutional condition. I have seen numerous patients diagnosed with severe hemorrhoids, on the verge of needing surgery, recover through a persistent Chinese medical approach. Feel free to contact me to set up a treatment plan that will be effective for you.

In the mean time, here are a few tools I have to help you get some temporary relief from your hemorrhoid-related suffering:

1. Moxa Boat

Moxa is a Chinese herb also known as mugwort. Basically, you float a burning cone of moxa on a “boat” made of aluminum foil in your toilet. Sit on the toilet and the smoke will alleviate the pain. Just make sure it doesn’t get too hot. (You can always stand up to avoid over heating.)

This technique is right for “most”, so contact me for more information about properly using this highly effective method before you try it.

2. Witch Hazel

You can buy witch Hazel at any drug or natural food store. Witch Hazel, or hemmamelus, is an astringent herb. Wiping your hemorrhoids lightly with witch hazel will help astringe the legions and decrease the pain. Be aware that it contains alcohol, so if you have bleeding open legions, this method may cause a bit of burning, and may not be right for you.


I know, this is often the treatment for almost any issue that I write about on my blog. But seriously, it’s soooo important! Over working and exhaustion will make your hemorrhoids so much worse! Take it easy on yourself. Put your feel up the wall, pay attention to your breathing, and relax. A quiet and calm body will heal faster and get sick less often.

Disclaimer: As always, contact your primary care practitioner before starting any new medical regiment. Did you know that in California, your acupuncturist can be your primary care practitioner?

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