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Reflections on the Lunar New Year ~ Year of the Sheep!!

The Chinese zodiac is a rotating calendar cycling through 12 different animals, each bringing a different energy to that year. Every two years is associated with a different element (wood-fire-earth-metal-water), and every year alternates between yin and yang. I always enjoy learning a little bit about what type of energy each new animal is anticipated to bring to the following year, and reflecting upon how the previous year lined up to it's predictions.

As we exit the year of the yang wood horse, I am reflecting upon all the invigorating new growth that the speeding stallion brought to my life. The wood horse was about ridding the old and outdated, and bringing in fresh and daring alternatives. Some folks spent the year dealing with unexpected or even uncomfortable lifestyle shifts, while some just sat by the continuous stream of change to wait for calmer waters.

Personally, I relocated my life to gogeous Santa Barbara, and I am about to open my own wellness center in downtown-- all while chasing a beautiful toddler around the house. It's been an amazing year of growth and opportunity, but I am ready for a bit of calm routine that the sheep promises to bring. What did the year look like for you?

This new year is the year of the yin wood sheep (sometimes also refered to as the goat). The quiet sheep grazes within the comfortable bounds of her beloved flock. This year allows us to catch our breath, find our footing, and take the time we need to adjust to the budding new life being offered. It is a good time to support long-standing stable friendships, and to look deep within ourselves to nurture what truly nourishes us. The sheep year is the time for healing and mending, nurturing and tending.

I want to wish all you a very happy and healthy new year! If you are interested in learning more about what the new lunar year has in store, check out daoist philosopher Liu Ming's New years talk!

In Good Health,


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