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Easy Natural Ear Ache Remedy

What a flu that's going around this season!! Eyes, ears, nose and throat all getting inflammed! Since I've been passing this remedy along to so many folks this season, thought I would post it on my blog.

Here is the easiest and most natural way to combat an ear infection, or ear pain associated with the flu. This recepe has both anti-biotic and anti-viral properties:

Garlic-Olive Oil Ear drops

peel two cloves of garlic

place whole cloves in a small pan filled with organic olive oil

simmer on VERY low for about 10 minutes

pour the oil into a small dropper bottle


warm up the bottle of oil by soaking in warm water for a few minutes

Drop 3-5 drops in each ear, 2x/day

Disclaimer: if you think you have a severe ear infection, contact your doctor to rule out the necessity of anti-biotics.

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